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Temat lekcji:

Powtórzenie materiału.

Cele :

  • Rozwijanie umiejętności rozumienia tekstu słuchanego( test wielokrotnego wyboru, zadanie typu prawda/fałsz)
  • Rozwijanie umiejętności rozumienia tekstu czytanego( dobieranie zdań do luk w tekście)
  • Utrwalenie poznanego słownictwa i struktur gramatycznych( poprzez zadania ze słuchania  i rozumienia tekstu czytanego

Planowany przebieg lekcji;

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj nagrania i wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.


1.1. Right now, Joseph is
A. improving upon something that already exists.
B. inventing the 3D technology.
C. planning to open his own company.
1.2. Joseph thinks that
A. his interests may change in the future.
B. young people should spend a lot of time outdoors.
C. he would benefit from some education in technology.
1.3. In Katie’s school
A. the curriculum may change soon.
B. everybody wants to run the lemonade stand.
C. they do not use paper at all.
1.4. The school teaches them
A. to want to become business-people.
B. to think practically.
C. to think about their future.
1.5. Britta
A. is good at grooming animals.
B. helped someone in a difficult situation.
C. opened her own business.

Zadanie 2. Wysłuchaj nagrania. Zdecyduj, czy poniższe zadania są prawdziwe czy fałszywe: P/F



A. According to text 1, a lot of wealthy people suffer from depression.
Prawda/ Fałsz
B. According to text 1, rich people are often treated unfairly.
Prawda/ Fałsz
C. According to text 1, there is only one way to become very rich.
Prawda /Fałsz
D. The second text is an interview with a specialist.
Prawda /Fałsz
C. According to the text 2, rich people should try to understand everything when it comes to money.
Prawda Fałsz

Zadanie 3.

Przeczytaj dwa teksty, z których usunięto pięć zdań. Do luk (2.1.–2.5.) dobierz litery (A–F), którymi oznaczono brakujące zdania. Uwaga: jedno zdanie zostało podane dodatkowo i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.
The work of a detective can be really interesting sometimes. Here are to stories to illustrate that:
The Case of the Archaeological Dig
“I’ve finally earned my place as assistant curator of the museum. You want to know what happened? (2.1.) ………. said John to Mark, the chief administrator of the local Archeological Museum.
“Why did you start digging in a new location?” asked Mark.
“One of the local natives told me that, for many generations, his family had passed down a legend of a lost village and he found a map among his father’s things,” said John. “His father recently died”, he added. “The native followed the map and led me to this site on the condition that if we discovered anything valuable, he would be paid one thousand dollars”, explained John.
“And what is it that you found there?” asked Mark.
“It’s just terrific,” exclaimed John, “we found 3 gold coins of various sizes dated 400 B.C., and after properly dusting them off I found them to be in excellent condition.” “I quickly paid the native,” concluded John. After considering for a few moments, Mark told John: (2.2.) ……….
Why should he?
Mark realized that John had been cheated by the local native because there couldn›t be any coins dated B.C. back then. How would anyone have known it was B.C?
The Case of the Gold Digger
Detective Colombo had just ordered a drink at the bar in the Tahoe motel when a young man with sun-bleached golden hair and tanned cheeks sat on the stool beside him. After ordering a scotch and water, the sunburned man nodded toward the gaming tables. (2.3.) ………. he said. “It’s great to be back in civilization and hear people and money talking out loud.”
Colombo introduced himself, too. (2.4.) ………. he asked.
“Yeah, I got back only yesterday,” said Patmos. “Washed the dust out of my ears, had a barber shave off my seven months of beard and cut my hair. Then I bought a whole wardrobe on credit. All I had to do was show my report. Boy am I going to celebrate.”
“You found gold?” asked Colombo.
“Yes sir. A lot.” Patmos touched his sun-tanned chin; then in a low voice he said: “If I can find an investor, I’ll take enough out of those hills to buy ten palaces like this one. (2.5.) ………. I know you are busy with other things right now. But if you know someone who would like to get involved in a sure thing, let me know. I’m staying in room 510. Can’t give out the details here, you understand.”
“I understand,” said Colombo, “that you’d better improve your story if you want to cheat someone into a deal that’s worthless.”
How did Colombo know the story was untrue?
Colombo had no doubt that the whole story was made up. Patmos said he had a barber shave off 7 months of beard, yet his face and chin were tanned. If he hadn’t shaved for seven months, his face would be white where the beard was!
adapted from: http://forharventkids.blogspot.com/
A. My name is John Patmos.
B. I moved west of the Pakistani dig site and we’ve just unearthed something wonderful.
C. What do you think about it?
D. Of course, I’m not trying to interest you.
E. I guess you’ve been out on the desert?
F. When you return home, you should look for another job.

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