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Rozwiązywanie zadań maturalnych. Powtórzenie materiału z rozdziału ” KULTURA”
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Pytanie 1/4
Wysłuchaj wywiadu i dopasuj poniższe punkty (1.1.–1.5.) do miejsc, o których wspomina dany profesor
(Oxford – O, Croft – C lub Lyndhurst – L).
1.1. travelling by water
1.2. adult life
1.3. villagers’ ambitions
1.4. publishing a book
1.5. a smiling animal

Pytanie 2/4
Przeczytaj tekst i zdecyduj, które z poniższych stwierdzeń są prawdziwe (T – TRUE), a które – fałszywe (F – FALSE).
No cellphones now
Starring in a London staging of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” the Academy Award nominee thanked fans who gathered outside the West End theater after Saturday’s performance, then asked them to use “all these cameras, all these phones” to spread his message. “I can see cameras — I can see red lights — in the auditorium,” said Cumberbatch, who plays the title role in the production that opened Wednesday. “It may not be any of you here that did that, but it’s blindingly obvious.”
He was talking about a disruption during that night’s performance in which he had to stop and then start again his delivery of the “To be or not to be” monologue. Mr. Cumberbatch said he could see a “little red light” near the third row during the performance. “It’s paralysing,” he said. There is “nothing less supportive or enjoyable.”
Mr. Cumberbatch is one of many actors who have tried to address the problem of cellphone use during performances. In 2009, Hugh Jackman told an audience member, “We can wait” when the person’s phone rang during a performance of A Steady Rain. In 2014, the American actor Kevin Spacey told an audience member whose phone was ringing during a performance, “If you don’t answer that, I will.” Recently, Patti LuPone left the stage at the end of a scene and took a phone from a woman who had been texting. “I’m at my wit’s end,” said Ms. LuPone.
It’s been a difficult year so far for cellphone misbehavior in New York theaters. In April, a celebrity (widely reported to be Madonna) was criticized on twitter for texting during Hamilton at the Public Theater. Last week, Nick Silvestri, a 19-year-old Long Island college student, jumped onto the stage of the Booth Theater before a performance of Hand to God and tried to charge his dying phone in an electrical outlet. His reason? “Girls were calling all day — what would you do?” Mr. Silvestri said. He apologized at a news conference in front of the theater on Friday, though in an interview he said he didn’t think texting in a theater was “that big of a deal.”
What can and should be done? Theater staff is expected to deal with the bad behavior. “I don’t want that to happen; that’s a horrible way to have to police what’s a wonderful thing,” added the actor, who claims he’s not on social media. High-tech solutions to this problem are out of the question; cellphone jamming is illegal in the United States. That is understandable. We can all think about situations in theaters or schools where being able to reach emergency numbers can saves lives. It seems, therefore, that more energy should be spent on educating the public about manners.
adapted from:

A.Benedict Cumberbatch talked to his fans before the performance.
Prawda/ Fałsz

B. Mr. Cumberbatch’s play in the theatre was interrupted.
Prawda/ Fałsz

C. The text gives four more examples of actors fighting cell phone use in the theatre.
Prawda/ Fałsz

D. Nick Silvestri does not think texting in theatres should be banned.
Prawda/ Fałsz

E. Phone jamming could be a good solution to the problem of using phones in theatres.
Prawda/ Fałsz

Pytanie 3/4
Przeczytaj tekst i dobierz właściwe odpowiedzi (A–C) do każdej z luk (3.1.–3.5.).
A few steps to being a good audience member for a comedy show
By agreeing to attend an event, you have made a commitment to participate actively. So try to laugh out loud even of you are not instantly amused. I understand how hard (3.1.) ………. But it helps the comedian a lot.
The louder you laugh, the (3.2.) ………. the comedian will become, and the better they will perform, especially for you. Appreciate it and turn your electronic devices off. Using these devices not only distracts you, but the associated noise, key strokes, ringing, vibrating, etc, also distracts others. Be respectful and minimize your distractions.
If you are really unable to laugh, then the best thing to do is to either smile or position your body in a way that looks pleased. You can use non-verbal cues such as eye contact and head nodding to show the speaker that you are engaged and interested in what they are saying. It will help so (3.3.) ………. when the comedian looks at the crowd.
Clap your hands with enthusiasm (3.4.) ………. appropriate. After all, the comedian is making a lot of effort and they are risking a lot, too. Imagine yourself standing there, in the middle of the room, and at the mercy of an unfamiliar crowd!
Don’t boo silly jokes. Just wait for the (3.5.) ………. one – that one will be really good!
Well done, you may have saved the show!

  1. A. it is    B. is it  C. so is
  2.  A. happiest   B.  happy  C.  happier
  3. A.   many   B.  much  C.  a lot
  4. A. then   B.  for      C.  whenever
  5. A. another B. first  C.   next

Pytanie 4/4

Na forum toczy się dyskusja o twoim ulubionym serialu. Zredaguj swój wpis, w którym:
– napiszesz, jak długo oglądasz ten serial i dlaczego,
– opiszesz swoją ulubioną scenę z serialu,
– poinformujesz, który z bohaterów jest ci najbliższy i dlaczego,
– spróbujesz przewidzieć, co wydarzy się w najbliższym odcinku serialu.
Długość wypowiedzi powinna wynosić od 80 do 130 słów.
Możesz użyć następujących słów i zwrotów:
series, episode, scene, character, plot

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